Welcome to our Training Department!

First of all, thank you for choosing us as a potential mentoring and training vACC. We can ensure you that our training is fast and high quality and our mentors are veterans in this area. Every training consists of (in that order): Theory learning, Practical training, Theory examination, Practical examination.

Theory learning

Before training for any position in VATAdria mentor will introduce you with the position of your interest (TWR, APP, CTR). He will set up an environment where you will be able to observe and learn how does certain position works. Make sure to ask as many questions you can in order to familiarise yourself with the position that you are aiming for. After that, you will start learning the position in theory and you will learn about responsibilities, tasks, and duties for that position. Our mentors will guide you in your way and will help you if you need any help.

Practical training

Once you get comfortable with the theory you will start your training online. Usually, your mentor will speed this transition from learning theory to practical training by giving you position that covers a bit of next station you want to train for (ex. for APP you will be given LYTV_TWR as it covers APP as well or LJLJ_APP which covers a huge part of Slovenian airspace). After this, you will be transferred to the desired position in no time and you will not lose any time. It is always welcome to listen to senior controllers to get a picture of how things work and how you can improve with experience.

Theory examination

After you have finished both theoretical and practical part of studying, TD will issue a token for a theory test (via ATSimTest). This will be your first step towards your new rating and it will test your knowledge about VATSIM rules, local procedures and general procedures of a certain position. It is always good to write down some notes while you train as it will be handy later.

Practical examination (CPT)

CPT (Controler Practical Test) is held after you have passed your theory exam. This is pretty much self – explanatory, you have to successfully deal with every single aircraft and show the knowledge to your examiners. CPT will test every aspect of your position such as handling IFR and VFR flights, separations, go-arounds, emergencies, etc… CPT is the final point in your training and once when you successfully pass your CPT you will be granted permanent rating (S1, S2, S3, C1, C1…).