Welcome to our Scenery Page

If you are flying to VATAdria region and you don’t have a scenery? Here you will find list of all sceneries for all airports in VATAdria (payware and freeware). We listed best sceneries out there for you to use to get most realistic experience with our airports. If you find that some of links don’t work contact us via ‘Contact Us’ page and we will try to resolve issue with link as soon as possible.

VATAdria Scenery Table

Country Airport FSX Scenery P3D Scenery X-Plane Scenery
Slovenia Ljubljana Ljubljana FSX Ljubljana P3D Ljubljana XP11
Maribor Maribor FSX Maribor P3D Maribor XP11
Portorož Portorož FSX Portorož P3D Portorož XP11
Slovenj Gradec Slovenj Gradec FSX NONE NONE
Ptuj Ptuj FSX NONE Ptuj XP11
Postojna Postojna FSX Postojna P3D Postojna XP11
Serbia and Montenegro (Kosovo included) Belgrade Belgrade FSX Belgrade P3D Belgrade XP11
Kraljevo Kraljeov FSX Kraljevo P3D NONE
Novi Sad Novi Sad FSX Novi Sad P3D NONE
Podgorica Podgorica FSX Podgorica P3D Podgorica XP11
Tivat NONE NONE Tivat XP11 (Payware)
Priština Pristina FSX Pristina P3D (Dropbox)
Pristina P3D (MEGA)
Pristina XP11
Macedeonia     Skopje Skopje FSX Skopje P3D Skopje XP11
Ohrid Ohrid FSX Ohrid P3D Ohrid XP11
Croatia Zagreb Zaregb FSX Zaregb P3D Zaregb XP11
Pula Pula FSX Pula P3D Pula XP11
Split Split FSX Split P3D Split XP11
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik FSX Dubrovnik P3D Dubrovnik XP11
Zadar Zadar FSX Zadar P3D Zadar XP11
Rijeka Rijeka FSX Rijeka P3D (Freeware)
Rijeka P3D (Payware)
Rijeka XP11
Brač Brač FSX Brač P3D Brač XP11
Albania Tirana Tirana FSX (Freeware)
Tirana FSX (Payware)
Tirana P3D (Payware) Tirana XP11
Bosnia & Herzegovina Sarajevo Sarajevo FSX Sarajevo P3D Sarajevo XP 11
Sarajevo XP 11 (XP Forum)
Mostar Mostar FSX (Freeware)
Mostar FSX (Payware)
Mostar P3D (Freeware)
Mostar P3D (Payware)
Mostar XP11
Tuzla Tuzla FSX Tuzla P3D Tuzla XP11
Banja Luka Banja Luka FSX Banja Luka P3D Banja Luka XP11