Visiting Controllers

VATAdria always welcomes new visiting members to join in and enjoy our region. Due to increased numbers of applications for Visiting Controller status, we introduced some basic requirements in order to apply for Visiting Controller status. Also, you may expect delays in your training for visiting ATC.  You can apply for Visiting Controller here. 

List of information that needs to be provided in Visiting Controller Aplication:

  • Full Name
  • VATSIM Rating
  • Requested position or airports
  • Home vACC
  • Contact e-mail address to your home vACC Director (or TD Director)
  • Describe your motivation and give us reason why do you want to become visiting controller in VATAdria
  • After you finish your training and get approval from TD you will have to provide at least 6 online hours per week. 

All Visiting Controllers needs to book ATC position prior connecting on network in order to avoid possible overlap with other controllers or training.  Visiting ATC shall not connect during events!

VATSIM IDFirst NameLast NameRatingAirportsPositions
1405042DarioMarnikaS2LDDU, LDZA, LJLJ, LYBE & LQSATower
963239ApostolosDamkalisC+/INS3/SUPLATI, LWOH & LWSKAll positions up to CTR in LAAA & LWSS FIR
1450774AndreiMuresanS3LWSKUp to TWR
1427633TeodorGabriel PetricaC1LATIUp to APP
1444102OlegFedorinovC1LDZA, LDDUUp to APP