Training requests for higher position

In order to request training for higher position (APP or CTR) you need to meet following criteria:

1.) Accumulated enough experience at  current rating (not valid for S1 rating) with different airports,

2.) Shown good handling of traffic and local procedures,

3.) Remaining calm in high presure scenarios with a lot of departing and arriving traffic,

4.) Shown understanding of charts, procedures and usage of controlling software,

Reminder: this are just some requirements to request training for higher position. This can change based on Training Department decision if you have potential for higher positions. CTR positions inside of VATAdria requires good knowledge of all airports covered by certain CTR position and it will take a bit more time to learn and master.

Rating upgrade requirements

In order to get upgraded, you need to meet certain criteria. Those are: PASSED THEORY TEST, PASSED CONTROLLER PRACTICAL TEST.

After you have met those criteria, TD will issue an upgrade token and in short amount of time, VATSIM will recognize your new rating. If there are any questions, contact our Training Department.