So… you would like to become an Air Traffic Controller? Please follow these steps in order to check all administrative requirements. Do not worry, we are here beside you all the way. We will guide you if you need assistance.

First steps instructions by VATEUD

How do I join VATSIM Europe Division (VATEUD)?

If you are a VATSIM member, but do not belong to VATEUD, please visit the VATSIM Member Service page to change your Division.

You must also be a member of VATSIM Europe Region (VATEUR), but if NOT, follow the this link , go to Membership Dashbord and change Region and  Division. Note that a Region transfer can take a few days, as it requires approval.

After you have selected your Division – Go to VATEUD’s webpage, and read the VATEUD Policy & Regulations. You have to agree on this. Then, check the VATEUD Countries page and decide what vACC you want to belong to. If you do not know if you are assigned to a vACC, please contact VATEUD Membership. This is especially important if you want to become an ATC, but also relevant for local Pilot training.

If you do not have a VATSIM account, get one for free at VATSIM. If you have any membership related questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to seeing you online.

Reminder: Please remember that in order to maintain your VATSIM membership (as per the VATSIM Code of Regulations), a member must log on and use the network as a Pilot and/or a Controller at least once during the previous calendar quarter.

What is what I REALLY need to know to get by certificate and start having fun?

We are happy you asked. If you have already completed the above process (registration to VATSIM and selecting your region, division and vACC), you may continue with steps below: Our rating system had been developed over time and we are at the current set-up. True, it might be a bit easier to comprehend but, once started, you will get the grip really fast. Here is what you need to learn: Take a look at this page as there are a lot of details regarding ratings. Once ready, contact us so we could set up a token for you at ATSIM. After passing written exam, we will issue upgrade or apply practical training, depending on rating requirements.