What are radar clients?

Radar client is an application which you use to connect to VATSIM and use for controlling. Radar client displays a lot of informations regarding online pilots and ATC stations around you. 

Which radar clients do we use?

Well, there is no big array of radar clients and the two most popular on VATSIM are VRC and EuroScope. VRC is mostly being used in America while Euroscope in Europe. Which one should you use? Well, EuroScope is way to go. Some areas of VATAdria don’t support VRC anymore and everyone has already transferred from VRC to EuroScope. EuroScope is more advanced client and will serve you better then any other. 


EuroScope is more advanced then VRC. It offers much more tools for primary radar controllers (Area and Approach controllers, but on VATSIM, all of us are radar controllers). More detailed TAG, spacing functions and automated ATIS are just a couple of features that EuroScope is providing. You can find EuroScope on here. Documentation is also found there. EuroScope VATAdria files can be downloaded from the link on the bottom of the page. If you experience any difficulties installing and configuring EuroScope, please, FIRST look at the manual, THEN, if the manual doesn’t help, contact our training department.

Sector Files

Here you will find sector files for VATAdria region. We use combined sector file as we cover multiple FIRs and to save us some time reloading different sector files we use 1 and once when you set it up you are free to go. Also Sector File contains important settings which are already prepared to be loaded in your client. If you don’t know how to set it up contact our Training Department and we will help you set everything up.

You can find sector file here