Welcome to VATSIM Adria region - a joint vACC Project

Years of experience; from SATCO to VATSIM and combining staff from various both past and present VAs and vACCS, best from both worlds of both real life professionals and Enthusiasts... we are presenting you with One Team to support your online presence in VATAdria airspace.

Interesting Diverse Airspace

VATAdria is combining a lot of interesting airports and specific airspace situations. Challenging and procedural approaches are numerous, known, and famous airports will provide traffic situations to your satisfaction.

Excellent ATC Service

With years of experience and training, our TD is assuring excellent Air Traffic Control service and user experience in our airspace. From Tower and all up to Enroute controllers, you will have the pleasure of being controlled by our trainees and professionals.

FIRs Combined

VATAdria is combining LJLA, LDZO, LQSB, LYBA, LWSS, LAAA, and Kosovo FIRs and their respective airports. Adria Radar is the name of our super stations that cover multiple FIRs

Weekly and Special events

Our weekly events are here to show our dedication to online FS and ATC simulation. Join us on Tuesdays for our regular online day starting at 18z. Friday/Weekends are reserved for special ops and training. Also, our Yearly and special events are here to spice up a weekly routine.

ATC trainings fro domestic and visiting controllers

Our mission is to provide superior ATC service to our fellow pilot visitors and to provide the best possible training for our domestic and visiting ATCs. Our Training Department is at your service to help you achieve your goals. Become an Air Traffic Controller!

Be one of us and enjoy kick ass time online as pilot or ATC

Join us!

Go to the contact page and contact us with our interests and preferences. We will help you set up your FS or to become Air Traffic Controller… there is no netter job!

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Iron Mic Awards
Our ATC teams won many Iron MIC awards across many FIRs
Successful Events completed
All participating FIRs completed many many successful events over the years
More than 30 interesting airports to chose from
Happy pilots
More than 250 happy pilots that visited our airspace...