Welcome to our Training Department!

First of all, thank you for choosing us as a potential mentoring and training vACC. We can ensure you that our training is fast and high quality and our mentors are veterans in this area. Training consists of (in that order): Theory learning, Practical training, Theory exemination, Practical examination (depends on the position).

Theory learning

Before you can start practical training you need to be aware of some typical phrases, aviation english, meteorology, spacing, types of ATC, etc. First few sessions consist of basic theory learing with a mentor. But, mentors cannot always be near you and you’ll have to do some learning by yourself and be ready for practical training

Practical training

Once you persuade us that you are comfortable with theory and know the necessary parts, we start organizing practical training. Practical training consists of using the theory previously learned to successfully control aircraft.

Theory examination

After you have finished both theoretical and practical part of studying, TD will issue a token for a theory test (via ATSimTest).

Practical examination (CPT)

CPT is held after you have passed your theory exam. This is pretty much self – explainatory, you have to successfully deal with every single aircraft and show the knowledge to your examiner.