List of Solo Validations in VATAdria. Solo validation is issued by the training department for members who finished their training and are preparing for CPT. While Solo Validation is active Training Department is focusing on organising CPT for members with solo validation. For more information contact the Training Department.

ATC Solo Validation

CIDNamePositionDate FromDate ToIssuer Name & CIDRemarks
1479411Aleksandar DjobaLYBE_TWR07.05.202007.06.2020Marko Tomicic | 1359931NONE
1474386Timotej RauterLJLJ_GND17.04.202017.05.2020Marko Tomicic | 1359931NONE
1431253Dominic HuntLQSA_TWR05.05.202005.06.2020Marko Tomicic | 1359931NONE
1478352Dalibor FilicLYBE_GND08.05.202008.06.2020Marko Tomicic | 1359931NONE
1238800Juraj LiskaLDZA_GND11.05.202011.06.2020Marko Tomicic | 1359931NONE