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Date(s) – 08/02/2020
13:00 – 23:00

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Dear guest,

Thank you for browsing the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics Rush – RE-WINDED event homepage and hopefully considering to participate. 🙂 

This homepage is a stand-in for our original rich event homepage, which we, unfortunately, could not gain access due to technical reasons.

We did not want to cancel the event, after getting so many vACCs along, thus this stand-in, having the most important information needed.

We hope for your understanding, are at your disposal and looking forward to seeing you at Sarajevo (LQSA) this Saturday 08 FEB 12-22z!

Event information just below and check the parking chart and just revised pilot briefings for Sarajevo (LQSA) and Mostar (LQMO)

Yours VATSIM Adria team




It is told that the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics were the best-organized games in history. We younger generations only know it was the best Sarajevo rush in history! Which now is RE-WINDED!

Completely reconstructed and well-equipped, Sarajevo Airport was functioning well during the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics, even though
there were some weather problems. In the period of February 5 – 20, 630 planes landed or took off, 49 of which were regular flights and 581
charter flights. In this period only two flights were canceled. 46.710 passengers came by air. On February 20 only, 70 airplanes took off with
120 tons of luggage. 74% of all Yugoslav air traffic in 1984 was Sarajevo-related traffic, an increase of 15%. No alternate airports were used.

All pilots are therefore warmly invited to feel the rush, by re-winding the time to the nostalgic 1984 and flying your native spectators and participants to the 1984 Winter Olympic Capital Sarajevo!

 We will be online at Sarajevo (LQSA) for 10 hours on Saturday 08 FEB 12-22z! 

Incredible 12 event partner airports, some online the entire 10h event, some half time and many 3h, will be providing ATC to/from Sarajevo (LQSA), if you have a hard time deciding where to fly:

Full event duration partner airports:
– 12-22z: Sofia (LBSF) 240 NM___________ChartsScenery
– 12-22z: Bucharest (LROP) 350 NM_____ChartsScenery

Medium duration partner airports:
– 12-17z: Bratislava (LZIB) 280 NM______ Charts & Scenery
– 17-22z: Kyiv (UKBB) 660 NM___________Charts & Scenery

Regular duration partner airports:
– 12-15z: Tel Aviv (LLBG) 1080 NM_______Charts & Scenery
– 13-16z: Rome (LIRF) 300 NM___________ChartsScenery (XP11)Scenery (FSX/P3D)
– 14-17z: Lisbon (LPPT) 1380 NM________ChartsScenery
– 15-18z: Budapest (LHBP) 250 NM______Charts & Scenery
– 16-19z: Riga (EVRA) 840 NM___________ ChartsSceneryBriefing
– 17-20z: Warsaw (EPWA) 550 NM_______Charts & Scenery
– 18-21z: Lviv (UKLL) 450 NM____________Charts & Scenery
– 19-22z: Salzburg (LOWS) 330 NM______Charts & Scenery

As well the 1984 feeder airports Zagreb (LDZA), Belgrade (LYBE) and alternates Dubrovnik (LDDU), Split (LDSP) and Mostar (LQMO) opened if needed and covered by the CTR. ChartsSceneries

 Due to the complex procedures and limited parking space, please check the charts, parking chart and just revised pilot briefings for Sarajevo (LQSA) and alternate Mostar (LQMO)

During the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics and somewhat before they started, air traffic intensified with 50-70 operations a day. It was the first
time that JAT’s biggest passenger aircraft DC-10, flying directly from New York, landed here. There were other big international airplanes as 
well, like the L-1011-Tristar, B707, DC-8, and other ones, DC-9, TU-134, B727, B737, DHC-7, C500, etc. too, flying to and from Sarajevo all the
time. Besides the many charters, airlines visiting Sarajevo were Air China, Aeroflot, ALITALIA, Aviogenex, Austrian Airlines, CSA, IBERIA, Inex-
Adria, JAT, KLM, Lufthansa, MALEV, Olympic, Pan-Am, Saudia, Scandinavian Airline System, Swissair, Turkish Airlines, TWA and many others.

Of course, you can fly any aircraft you want, we just want you to feel the spirit of the 1984 Winter Olympic Capital Sarajevo covered in snow, fog, and congested with traffic at an ready airport:

By announcing the nomination of Sarajevo for the Winter Olympic Games, it became necessary to extend the basic capacities of the airport. 
At the same time, there were efforts to enquire about possibilities to install new R/NAV equipment which would decrease aircraft operating
minimums and thus increase the frequency of aircraft on landing and take-off. This demanding idea was acomplished just before the opening.
The runway was extended for an additional 150 m, a new parallel taxiway constructed and the ramp enlarged. Reconstruction also included
installation of the completely new lighting system of the runway, approach zone and taxiways and all planned radio-navigational equipment
(3 VORs and a new ILS), new control tower and supporting facilities as well as a very functional terminal building. The terminal was designed
to have all facilities being typical for international airports, which ranked Sarajevo airport among the best in the region. The airport was ready!

This got already confirmed the first days of the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics at 5th of February, when a JAT DC-10 carrying the Yugoslav president Mika Špiljak on a regular flight from New York to Belgrade, was unable to land in Belgrade nor alternates Zagreb and Ljubljana due to heavy fog. They got a earlier never used, fog and snow-covered but newly equipped 3rd alternate, Sarajevo:

Sarajevo airport is modernly equipped and with its R/NAV equipment, it can be compared to all the international airports in the world. It might
even have better equipment then most of the others, even the one in Hong Kong. The landing was easy and even easier than my last visit a
few days ago with the smaller DC-9. The weather that day was much better, but due to the new equipment, now it’s much easier. (JAT-pilot)

Mika Špiljak was stunned and stayed in Sarajevo officially to open the 1984 Winter Olympics. But he was not the only delegate and famous. The elite was in Sarajevo and the airport blocked:

Beside the regular and charter flights, a lot of private jets were visiting Sarajevo. Most noted was an Italian Cessna Citation, which every day
landed in Sarajevo in the morning and returned in the late evening back to Milan, bringing various delegations to Sarajevo. Saudi King Fahd
and relatives came in a Saudi L-1011 Tristar, Kirk Douglas in a B727, Hugh Hefner in the Playboy DC-9, Elton John in B720 and many others.

You don’t have to be famous or a star to show up and fly in style as they did!

Just be yourself, fly your favorite aircraft and destinations, have fun and let’s RE-WIND the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics Rush together by making it one of the biggest rushes on VATSIM ever! 🙂


The previous Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics Rush – RE-WINDED event was held live from Sarajevo with local and foreign VATSIM members participating and experiencing hundreds of movements the entire day. On average an operation every 3 mins, which is a lot seen in light of Sarajevo airport’s having one movement every 15 mins due to its contraflow runway configuration and terrain.

Next year (2021) we look forward to repeating the success! So stay tuned and you can expect the following or better next year:

(Details below are from the last live event and just inspiration for what could be featured in the 2021 Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics Rush – RE-WINDED Live From Sarajevo event, thus subject to change in 2021)

The venue:
Hotel Holiday Sarajevo – The Olympic Hotel, is Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics Rush – RE-WINDED live from Sarajevo official venue partner and will host the venue in its Neretva conference room.

The colorful post-modernistic hotel, originally opened as Holiday Inn Sarajevo, is built in the 80’ies for the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics, and still has the Olympic logo engraved in the concrete pillars at the entrance. It is designed by the celebrated Bosnian architect Ivan Straus, who also designed the new terminal at Sarajevo International Airport for the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics.

We have chosen Hotel Holiday Sarajevo for the venue on purpose, as it has it all: The spirit of the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics, reference to Sarajevo International Airport, proximity to the city centre and good shopping and restaurants, bus station and the airport. And most important, the necessary infrastructure and cozy atmosphere, and a 30 years experienced very supportive staff.

Control center:
The events control center is located in the 100 square meters quadratic Neretva conference room, on the ground floor, left of the main lobby and bar with a bathroom just across the entrance in the pillar. It is an excellent choice, as it is easy accesable for the visitors, can fit up to 50 guests at once and still having comfort, and the quadratic form fits the requested table layout excellent.

Table layout:
The events control centre table and ATC positions layout is having roots in the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics as well, as it is inspired by the characistic official Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics logo.

It is very functional, as each of the 4 u-forms is if needed creating individual control centers for an airport and making direct handoffs easier, using printed flight strips. If necessary, at each table, there can sit even up to 3 ATCos next to each other and one ATCo across, most relevant for the CTR ATCo, so all CTR ATCos can handoff both to the airports and to each other directly in the circle.

Pilots positions:
Additionally, we will have a pilot row, where all virtual pilots including our official event partner virtual airline B&H Airlines VA will be seated and can have fun flying and showing it to the guests.

Other facilities:
In two of the conference room corners, we will have chat and relax corners, with a little round table and our official media partner Aerosvijet’s aviation magazines. Additionally a practical row with snacks and beverages, wardrobe, and monitors showing live broadcast from Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, event arrivals and departures board, radar image and 3D virtual Sarajevo Airport Tower.

Event participation is for free as long as you cover the random costs such as transport, accommodation and food/beverages. A personal computer is recommended and advise if not having one.

Franz Ferdinand Hostel Sarajevo is the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics Rush – RE-WINDED life from Sarajevo’s official accommodation partner, and all the event participants will be staying there.

The hostel is located in the very city center of Sarajevo, at entrance to Bascarsja, in a charming building, built in the Austro-Hungarian period. Here young architects and designers refurbished the space and shaped a hostel that tells you a story of the event that initiated the World War one and forever marked Sarajevo on the map of the world – the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian archduke and Royal Prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. It has a amazingly friendly staff and cheap accommodation including breakfast, bedsheets, and WIFI, so is really worth visiting.

The red thread:
2014 is the 30th anniversary of the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics and the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip, the spark that lit World War one.


Friday 08 FEB 2014:
– 1400 CET: Check-in at Franz Ferdinand Hostel Sarajevo.
– 2300 CET: We meet Hotel Holiday Sarajevo for the introduction.

Saturday 08 FEB 2014:
– 0630 CET: Breakfast at Franz Ferdinand Hostel Sarajevo.
– 0730 CET: We meet at Hotel Holiday Sarajevo, Neretva saloon, for the event.
– 0800 CET: The event opens with a welcome speech from vACCBiH
– In between Presentations, socializing, lunch and dinner breaks during the day.
– 2300 CET: The event closes with a speech from vACCBiH.
– 2330 CET: Afterparty in the city center.

Sunday 08 FEB 2014:
– 0830 CET: Breakfast at Franz Ferdinand Hostel Sarajevo.
– 0900 CET: Checkout at Franz Ferdinand Hostel Sarajevo.
– 0930 CET: We meet at Sarajevo International Airport in front of the Border Police Station near the hangars.
– 1000 CET: We start our visit at Sarajevo International Airport, ATC/FEDCAD and B&H Airlines (ID needed).
– 1300 CET: We eat lunch at the airports’ restaurant in the old terminal (ID needed).
– 1400 CET: We drive towards Bjelasnica or Jahorina for skiing and socializing
   (If no snow, we drive towards Visoko Airfield just outside Sarajevo for VFR flying and socializing)
– 1430 CET: Ski rent (upon agreement) at Bjelasnica
   (If no snow, preparation of the plane and VFR flying from Visoko to Sarajevo and back (30 mins)
– 1730 CET: Farewell toast & speech from vACCBiH.

– 1800 CET: The program ends.


Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics were due 8-19th February 1984, held in the famous Yugoslav ski-destination and picturistic cultural crossroad city Sarajevo, the current Bosnia-Herzegovina capital. Other candidate cities were Gothenburg (Sweden) and Sapporo (Japan), latest losing by a close margin of 3 votes. This was a huge achievement for Yugoslavia, a big European country in growth.

By choosing Sarajevo, a combination of a cultural and metropolitan host city and close proximity to high terrain surroundings was achieved, meaning the ideal stage for such a venue. Combined with the local hospitality and cuisine, it is remembered as one of the best Winter Olympics in history. This Sarajeo ’84 Winter Olympics retrospective video shows it from a participants perspective.

Organizing the Sarajevo ’84 Winter Olympics was the largest Yugoslav project in all terms and included support across the entire huge country. As with much of other necessary equipment for the venue, additional handling equipment for Sarajevo Airport was obtained from Maribor, Zagreb and Belgrade, as Sarajevo at that time was a sleepy regional airport just having a few daily flights.

Some of the guests and spectators used beside road and railway transport, regular flights to and from Yugoslavias main airports in Zagreb and Belgrade, at that time known as Sarajeo ’84 Winter Olympics Feeder Airports. Then they continued their journey on the regular and five times that many special Winter Olympics charter flights into Sarajevo. The main airports had special welcome posts, supporting them with further transportation. Others flew on direct charter flights to and from their origins, especially most of the athletes, coaches, assistants, journalists and delegates.

In total 49 countries attended with athletes, 1142 men, 295 women, 1204 coaches and assistants. Around 700.000 spectators registered, while 4521 journalists, cameramen, and photographers from 42 countries got accreditation. The broadcast at 67 radio and TV companies, lasted 514 hours and 2,5 billion spectators around the world were following. Total cost was 124,6 million USD.

The venue and local hospitality opened people’s eyes for Sarajevo, as the potential winter/ski-holiday destination and summer destination with a lot of historic and cultural heritage, and stunning nature around. Never the less Sarajevo’s challenging airport, ever since popular to many pilots and constantly upgraded, but still having its charm and roots in the Sarajeo ’84 Winter Olympics.




– vACC Slovakia

– vACC Ukraine



– Portugal vACC


– Latvia vACC

– Polish vACC

– VACC-Austria

Thank you all – til next year!