A big giveaway event will occur on Saturday, August 10th, 2019. Come and fly to sunny and luxurious Dubrovnik (LDDU). We will provide full ATC coverage to give you the best and most realistic experience. We will be giving away a 50€ SimMarket Voucher to the winner.

Here are some guidelines/rules: 

  • Event starts at 1500Z and finishes at 2100Z
  • To participate you MUST reserve a slot on our Booking website.
  • Your departure airport has to be at least 200NM from Dubrovnik (LDDU) (departure is your own choice)
  • To participate in the Giveaway you must complete a full flight and successfully land at LDDU airport and park at the position provided by ATC.
  • In case of large amount of traffic  you may expect holding, or even diversion to alternative airport assigned by ATC. Pilots who complete a flight on alternative airport (provided by ATC) will also participate in the Giveaway. 
  • Upon  a successful landing and parking at the gate assigned by ATC you must join our Discord server and enter the room “50€ Giveaway Event” where the winner will be announced at the end of the event.
  • Emergencies are not allowed during the event!

We will provide: 

  • Event will be live streamed on our Twitch channel 
  • Giveaway of 50€ Voucher for the winner


  • The prize of the giveaway will be a 50€ Voucher @ Simmarket.com
  • The winner will be picked randomly from all participants that have successfully fulfilled our guidelines/rules of the event.
  • To claim the giveaway prize  you must join our Discord server and enter the room “50€ Giveaway Event” where you will have to provide your Vatsim ID.
  • The giveaway will start at 2115Z.

Changes of guidelines are possible until start of the event and will be published on our social networks so follow us on
Twitter and Instagram.

For Charts and Sceneries, please visit links provided.